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All Grain

All Grain, an Edelman classic, brings your designs to life beautifully. It is supple with a soft inviting texture, yet strong and durable enough for demanding high-traffic applications. This small pebble grain leather is available in a broad palette of enticing hues, and custom coloring is available with low minimum requirements.

Available Colors 41
All Grain Noir

A radiant leather with chromatic intensity and deep undertones, All Grain Noir’s striking rich metallic look is achieved with our exclusive metal oxide-and-resin finish. Add a touch of glamour to any high-traffic area.

Available Colors 8

Vegetable-tanned and hand-finished using old world techniques, our carefully selected calfskin has an antiqued patina that grows deeper, richer, and more beautiful over time. This is the ultimate in leather craft, adding rustic appeal to all settings.

Available Colors 3
Big Foot

When your designs call for leather to take center-stage, Big Foot makes a big statement. This large natural grain leather with distinctive hand-tipping delivers a powerful impact. It’s a dramatic, durable choice with immense appeal.

Available Colors 12

Crafted to feel soft and worn-in, Brulée is an instant heirloom. It’s finished with subtle hand antiquing for a mottled, perfectly imperfect appearance — no two hides look the same. This is leather with casual, comfortable appeal.

Available Colors 11
Cashmere Calf

We’ve recreated the essence of soft, supple lamb with larger and stronger calfskin hides — providing you with the best of both worlds. Our Cashmere Calf leather’s durable finish makes it ideal for use anywhere. Custom coloring is available with low minimum requirements.

Available Colors 13

Add fun, flair, and high energy to any surrounding with Cavallini hair-on hides. Available in subtle neutral and natural hues, as well as statement-making colors, Cavallini stands apart from the herd.

Available Colors 45
Curly Shearling

The thickest and curliest of our shearling collection, this Spanish lambskin adds comfort and warmth in any interior. These sumptuous hides appeal to the senses with their lush, inviting texture.

Available Colors 6

Crafted to wear in beautifully from the moment it’s used, Dashing, with great depth and movement of color, is all about casual comfort. This smooth, versatile leather responds quickly to its environment, developing an inviting patina with time and use.

Available Colors 10
Free Range

Free Range is a semi-aniline dyed leather offering consistent color and a classic, uniform appearance.

Available Colors 11
Helm by Ilse Crawford

Helm by Ilse Crawford is a semi-aniline dyed leather offering consistent color and a medium pebble grain achieved through a subtle emboss. Formerly known as Dream Cow, Helm features an updated palette including twenty-four new colors developed by London-based designer Ilse Crawford.


Learn More about Ilse Crawford

Available Colors 36
Jumbo Crocodile

Our expertly-embossed leather boldly reimagines crocodile hide. Add a touch of classic sophistication — to settings from executive offices to libraries to dressing rooms and more — with this unique, statement-making choice.

Available Colors 7
Kashmir Shearling

Imagine the ultimate comfort, warmth, and rich beauty of Kashmir Shearling in your designs. Our Spanish lambskin has a luxurious hand with ironed wool that is unbelievably soft to the touch.

Available Colors 7
Kid Calf

Kid Calf, our butter soft, lightweight calfskin, looks and feels like kidskin — only stronger with larger hides. With a delicate, chic look, it’s versatile enough for a variety of applications.

Available Colors 11
Luster Leather

Luster Leather, the pearl-finished sister to our Royal Hide, exudes a subtle, sophisticated sheen. Think Art Deco and Hollywood’s elegant age of the Silver Screen. This is livable glamour at its finest.

Available Colors 6
Luxe Calf

We use only the best hides to produce our polished calfskin. Luxe Calf is soaked deeply with rich dyes, then heated and pressed to impart its alluring shine. This classic Edelman leather is pure, strong, and full of depth. It will patina gracefully with time and use.

Available Colors 14
Metallic Dream Cow

Big, beautiful, and durable like all our Dream Cow hides, Metallic Dream Cow comes with an added shimmery pop. Crafted for performance, this medium grain luxury leather is at home in high-volume, high-traffic, high-visibility environments.

Available Colors 10
Mongolian Shearling

Have fun with the lush look and appeal of our natural long-haired shearling. This Spanish lambskin adds a playful warmth to accents and more.

Available Colors 5

Our timeless, trustworthy vegetable-tanned leather is crafted from the highest quality raw materials. With a smooth, rich look and tight grain, it’s highly customizable, versatile, and durable for high-traffic areas. It’s great on hard surfaces like table tops and wall panels.

Available Colors 4
Oath by Ilse Crawford

An aniline-dyed style with a smooth grain and supple hand, Oath by Ilse Crawford embraces the natural variation and nuance of leather. Oath, originally named Luv-A-Bull, features twelve new tones that were recently recolored by London-based designer Ilse Crawford.


Learn More about Ilse Crawford

Available Colors 18

Our beautifully-embossed faux Ostrich leather embodies the exotic appeal of the real thing — in high quality, full grain cowhide. This unique hand-antiqued choice is classic, timeless, and always in fashion.

Available Colors 8
Poem by Ilse Crawford

Poem by Ilse Crawford, previously known as Stella, is a semi-aniline dyed leather with a smooth grain and uniform appearance. The range of painterly tones including twenty-two new colors was recently refreshed by London-based designer Ilse Crawford.


Learn More about Ilse Crawford

Available Colors 34

Rambler is on the move. Its strong, large grain makes an impact with casual appeal. Put it to work in just about any setting. A durable choice meant to be enjoyed, it wears in, not out, and keeps up with anything it encounters on its journey.

Available Colors 10

Rugged and refined, this full grain leather doesn’t just withstand time — it responds to it, wearing in beautifully. Ranger is aniline-dyed, lightly-waxed, and tumbled to burnish the grain and add depth. Colors take incredibly well to this naked leather, allowing for rich, intense, bright hues.

Available Colors 10
Royal Hide

A true classic, Royal Hide has the elegance and strength to make it a mainstay. It’s perfect for any lived-in environment — with kids, pets, food, drinks, and more. This is luxury with a practical side — large hides with high yield, a durable protective finish, and availability in over 50 standard colors. Custom coloring is available with low minimum requirements. Royal Hide brings your designs to life beautifully.

Available Colors 49
Royal Suede

Add a touch of elegant luxury to your designs with soft, supple Royal Suede. This water and stain repellent leather comes in an alluring palette of colors. A great choice for accents, it’s sensitive to direct light and will fade over time.

Available Colors 14
Scotch Grain

This vintage-inspired, pebble grain embossed leather is modeled after riding boots an old Scottish shoemaker crafted for his royal clientele. It’s a classic look with built-in ruggedness and comfort. Durable and customizable, Scotch Grain works everywhere.

Available Colors 6

Our Shagreen cowhide offers a uniquely opulent, rich texture. Its palette includes soft, alluring colors that shimmer and glow, and saturated shades that add drama to any room. This durable leather is ideal for upholstery, furniture wrapping, and vertical applications.

Available Colors 20
Sueded Buffalo Bull

A modern classic that’s strong and elegant, this large natural grain nubuck is versatile for settings that require comfort and sophistication. Picture it on a wing chair or any thoughtfully-placed leather centerpiece. It is sensitive to light and will fade over time.

Available Colors 7

Like its namesake light two-wheeled carriage, Sulky harnesses a timeless appeal. Available in a refined and classic color palette, this hand-finished leather works in a variety of applications.

Available Colors 5

The name says it all — Supersoft is the softest of soft calfskins. Expect saturated colors and vibrant hues from our calfskin. Ideal for light to medium-traffic settings, this stunning and comfortable leather evokes a West Coast mood.

Available Colors 6

Let your designs take flight and soar with Voyager. Crafted for performance and beauty, Voyager has a small, soft grain that adds timeless appeal. It takes high-traffic settings to new heights.

Available Colors 8
Wagon Lit

Add a touch of vintage Italian elegance with our interpretation of Saffiano leather. Hides are vegetable-tanned and hand-antiqued for a unique look and comfortable feel.

Available Colors 7

The most intrepid travelers will feel at home and welcomed by Wanderer, with its casual, comfortable, lived-in look and feel. Crafted to wear in and evolve over time, its tight grain with a hint of shine is versatile and appealing.

Available Colors 10
Whole Grain

Crafted from big, beautiful, natural grain hides, both soft and strong, this is leather that will last a lifetime — wearing in, not out. It’s meant to be seen, admired, lived on, and most of all, enjoyed. It’s great for well-used pieces like sofas, but also elegant enough for fine dining rooms. When you think of natural, real leather that takes centerstage, think of Whole Grain.

Available Colors 17
Woven Leather

With a small emboss for subtle texture, Woven Leather offers a tight, crisp look for a truly woven effect. Treated with a durable protective finish, it’s suitable for a variety of uses, including chairs, tables, ottomans, and vertical applications.

Available Colors 3